TheSolarDigest.com informs and educates consumers about the benefits of solar energy; and connects businesses with educated consumers.

We believe the biggest problems facing the world are climate change and pollution. The best solution to solve both problems is by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy. There are many benefits using renewable energy, but saving money is a game changer. Renewable energy is now more affordable than fossil fuels, and across the world, an energy revolution is happening. However, the switch to renewable energy should be faster and at a larger scale.

All consumers want to save money, and many consumers want to buy sustainable products. This is why we focus on the consumer marketplace, and want to increase demand for solar energy products. Unfortunately the marketplace is influenced by misinformation, corporate lobbying, and political corruption. However, if more consumers demand renewable energy products, then the marketplace (and governments), will have to respond with more supply.

Through engaging digital content and strategic partnerships, our goal is to increase the number of consumers using solar energy products. We are always looking for opportunities and partnerships that help promote solar energy. Please contact us if you have a suggestion.